Bundle Pack #2 - Confidence Bundle

Ismail Kamdar
3 ratings

Over 3000 copies sold!

Everything you need to supercharge your confidence!

In this bundle, you will get:

Best Of Creation: An Islamic Guide To Self-Confidence: ($15)

The bestselling Islamic self-confidence guide has helped 1000s of readers improve their confidence and change their lives.

Discover Your Confidence Workbook: ($6)

A special workbook designed to help you overcome your fears and discover your strengths and successes.

Ahmad Climbs A Mountain: ($10)

The inspirational fictional story about Ahmad's attempt to achieve an awe-inspiring goal. This book will supercharge your motivation to achieve your goals.

Three inspirational eBooks, one special price:

In this bundle, you will get all three inspirational eBooks for only $19 (save $12)

Grab your bundle now and experience the transformation.

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