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New Free eBook: Quran 30for30: Seerah Edition

As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Ramadan Mubarak in advance!

I am happy to announce the launch of our newest ebook, Quran 30for30: Seerah Edition. Dr. Omar Suleiman and I have been working on this book for the past 6 months, and it is ready just in time for Ramadan!

Explore key events from the life of the Prophet ﷺ and learn about the reasons for revelation of various passages of the Qur'an with Qur’an 30for30: Seerah Edition.

Grab your free copy here:

Was Salaam
Ismail Kamdar

PS: When sharing the ebook, please share the download link, not the PDF, so that people can benefit from our other Ramadan resources too. Jazakallah Khair!


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New FREE ebook: On Trauma

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