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A few facts about Islam in Spain (Andalus)

A few facts about Islam in Spain (Andalus)

Did you know that Muslims ruled various parts of Spain for over 700 years. Here are some amazing facts about this period:

1. The conquest of Spain took place during the first century of Islam. In the reign of King Walid I, Tariq Ibn Ziyad led an army to defeat King Roderic at the decisive Battle of Guadalete.

2. When the Umayyad Caliphate was overthrown by the Abbasid Caliphate, the last Umayyad prince Abdur Rahman Ibn Muawiyah eventually escaped to Spain and formed a new kingdom there. The descendants of Abdur Rahman ruled Spain for over 250 years.

3. This 250 year period included the Golden Age of Islamic Spain. Under Umayyad rule, Spain became a beacon of civilization, education, and technology. The successes of Muslim Spain inspired development in many other European countries.

4. Sadly, Islamic rule in Spain did not last. In-fighting, racism, and greed tore the kingdom apart. It went through multiple periods of civil war splintering it into mini-kingdoms, weakening Muslim control over the region.

5. Eventually, Muslim rule in Spain grew so weak that they could not hold onto the land any longer, and lost it back to the Christians. Islam, however, left a lasting impact on the culture and civilization of the region.

6. Andalus produced some of the greatest scholars in Muslim history like the Tafsir legend, Muhammad al-Qurtubi, the Literalist jurist Ibn Hazm, and the famous traveler Ibn Jubayr. Many great works produced in Islamic Spain are still available today.

7. Besides the Islamic sciences, Muslims also contributed to the development of medicine, astronomy, agriculture, music, book-writing, education, and philosophy in the region.

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