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Amazing facts about the Suleymaniye Masjid:

Amazing facts about the Suleymaniye Masjid:

1. This site was originally the palace of the Ottoman Sultans

2. After the Topkapi Palace was built for Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent, he had this site converted into a Masjid.

3. However, it was much more than just a Masjid. During the era of Ottoman success, this Masjis also served as a charitable foundation, or kulliye.

4. The mosque was surrounded by a hospital, soup kitchen, schools, caravanserai (resting place for travellers) and bath house.

5.This complex provided a welfare system which fed over 1,000 of the city’s poor, regardless of their religion.

6. To the south of the mosque is a madressa housing a library containing 110,000 manuscripts.

7. The Masjid is 464 years old and is a great testimony of the architecture, social consciousness, and grandeur of the Ottoman Empire under Sultan Suleyman The Magnificent.

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