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Explore the Muslim Golden Ages (Online Course)

Life is becoming harder for Muslims around the world, particularly those living in non-Muslim countries. There are bans being implemented by governments on everything from women’s hijabs to travel. The rights, freedoms, and liberties of our children and future generations are gradually being taken away.

In the face of all these issues, one of the biggest challenges for the collective Muslim community today is making sure that we, our families and this generation has an education that is going to help us in this world as well as the next – without distractions, demoralization or loss of self-confidence.

This course’s mission is to empower the 1.7 billion strong Ummah with real facts, knowledge, narratives, historical truths, and contemporary realities that span every corner of the globe; facilitating their real-world, academic, personal, and most importantly religious growth – in the right direction!

You now have the opportunity to learn about everything they have hidden from you. And to use this knowledge to make the world a better place. The power is now in your hands.

No More Barriers to Your Relationship with Muslim History

The Muslim Golden Ages: Rise & Fall course lays a solid framework for building a strong, uninterrupted and fulfilling relationship with the Golden Ages of Muslim History, Achievements, Events, and Journey that shaped our collective sense of identity as Muslims today.

Implementing and Benefiting from the right steps, tools, resources, and knowledge for a self-aware life based on the historic importance of the Muslim Golden Ages is an empowering experience that cements the pillars of our beautiful deen inside the minds, hearts, and spirits with unwavering inspiration!

It equips us for a well-rounded and progressive adult life while ensuring that our future generations don’t lose their connection with the religion of Allah SWT while remembering the glory of the Muslim Golden Ages, and the critical lessons learned from its Rise and Fall.

What You Will Accomplish In This Course

  • Unlock the hidden history of Muslim civilizations that has been kept a secret for too long
  • Discover the key contributions of Muslims to various arts and sciences
  • Understand how the Muslims fell from power, and how history was rewritten to hide our accomplishments
  • Gain inspiration to become the best version of yourself and rise to greater heights
  • Contribute to a narrative on how the ummah can rebuild itself and enter a new Muslim Golden Age


This course is self-paced and proactive online learning that is easy to navigate, understand and apply – through a teaching style that is meant to simplify, break down and make the History, Facts, Figures, Documented Events, and the Lessons Learned easy for ALL Muslims.



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