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How to write your first book

A lot of people are amazed by the fact that I have written over a dozen books. The main reason for this is that many people find it very hard to write their first book, and they can't imagine repeating that process over and over again. Especially, if that first book did NOT sell well. In such cases, most people lose all motivation to write again. 

To celebrate the launch of my newest book (see the link), I want to share with you four simple secrets that helped me write a dozen books. Hopefully, it will help you to do the same. 

1. Most of my books didn't sell well either! 

Here is a fact that I never really made public before. Only four, out of a dozen books, have actually sold well and made a profit. The majority actually ran at a loss. But that is okay. They were necessary steps on my journey, helped me grow as an author, and most importantly they benefited the few people who bought them. 

LESSON: Failure is inevitable, and is simply a stepping stone to success.

2. Perfection is the real enemy

After my first book, I did not write another book for four years! The main reason is that I wanted it to be perfect and was afraid of publishing anything less than perfect. It was only once I let go of perfection and simply aimed to be my best that the ideas and books began to flow.

LESSON: Overcome perfection, aim for excellence instead.

3. Write every single day

I forced myself into the habit of writing 1000 words every day. Whether I write a blog post, an article, a portion of a new book, a journal entry or pure random nonsense, it doesn't matter. The goal here is simple; build a habit of writing daily until it becomes a part of who you are. Once it became a habit, it was easy to produce a new book every year. 

LESSON: Build habits that force you to succeed. 

4. Have a good reason to write

The main reason why many people don't write their first book is that they don't have a good reason to write it. If you are writing simply to become rich or famous, then you are in the wrong field and writing for the wrong reasons. Write to benefit others. Write to make a difference in people's lives. Write to bring happiness to people. Write to solve people's problems. BUT do NOT write for ego or wealth. 

LESSON: Intention is critical. Know your why! 

So there you have it, these four things help me to write daily and produce at least one book a year. 

I hope it will inspire you to become a writer too! 

PS: Don't forget to buy my latest book! :)


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