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Our biggest sale ends in two days!

As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

I hope you are well.


Alhamdulillah, the launch of our History of Islam: Online Course has been a huge success. We currently have over 1300 students enrolled, and many families around the world are benefiting from the course.

To make the course more accessible to those who cannot afford it, it is currently on sale for only $11. This sale price can be access here ( and ends in two days.

If you have not signed up for the course yet, this is your last chance to sign up at this price. If you are already a student and benefiting from the, please give us a five-star review on the course site, and let others know about this sale. It is the last time we will offer this course for this price.

$11 for 30 lessons on Islamic History is a steal, so make sure everybody you know is aware of the sale. Share this link with everyone you know so they can grab this deal:


We will be expanding the History of Islam course within the next 60 days with 10 hours of new content on the lives of the sahaba, and the history of various sects and madhabs. If you sign up for the course before these new videos are added, you will gain access to all 10 videos for free! The price of the course will increase once the videos are added, so ensure that you sign up before then.

I thank Allah for the success of this course, and I want to thank you personally for helping us grow Islamic Self Help into a successful platform that benefits thousands of people around world.

Was Salaam
Ismail Kamdar

PS: Sign up for only $11 here:


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History of Islam - $15 Today!

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